The Secret Of Success-How To Move Mountains Using Mental Powers

The Magical Secret Of Success

What is the secret of success? It seems that everyone wants to know the answer to this vital question. Yet, despite the interest in discovering this answer, very few people seem to unlock the mysteries that lead to success. So many people are so focused on their problems, and it is this negative energy that prevents them from achieving much success. I am going to give you a few thoughts on success that you must start implementing immediately if you want to achieve your dream life.
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Self Growth And How To Exterminate Problems

You cannot allow your problems to stop you as they do with most people. The majority of this world likes to obsess over their problems. They live their lives constantly complaining, allowing the negativity to consume them day after day. The reason you cannot see beyond your problems is that you have to rise above them. You must become bigger than your problems. The key to achieve this is self growth. Through the awesome power of self growth you will become indestructible. The problems that now seem big will become small, because you will become big, like a mighty giant able to withstand the punishing elements of time. There are no problems that self growth cannot fix. You have the ability to find the secret of success to live your dream life.

Self Growth And Your Ability To Move

The sun is always shining. You cannot affect the sun. You have no power over it. You might be standing in the shade one moment, only to discover the Earth has shifted, and suddenly you find yourself under the penetrating rays of the sun once more. Now you have two options. You can choose to complain that you cannot handle the heat of the sun, feeling powerless that you cannot control the elements of the Universe, or you can move yourself towards the shade. I hope you see that the choice is simple.
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MOVE YOURSELF, FOR YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOUR BODY. Yes, the secret of success involves understanding that, even though there are many things we cannot control, we can always control the only thing that matters to our success, and that is ourselves. You can choose to TAKE ACTION. You can choose to PURSUE YOUR DREAMS. Once again, self growth is the key. These thoughts on success must not be ignored.

Thoughts On Success: The Right Kind Of Actions

If you want to discover the secret of success, you must understand that it is not enough to take action. You need to take the RIGHT KIND OF ACTIONS. It is like a 7 year child wanting to fly a kite for the first time. He wanted this kite because he has been amazed by the splendor of other kites he has seen, standing in awe as he witnessed their majestic flight in the powerful winds. He chooses to blow at it with his mouth in hopes that his kite will fly, yet feels powerless because this kite will not fly. It is not until and older, more mature child explains to him how a kite flies that he realizes that the key to its flight lies in understanding the immense power of the wind. He now sees that he need not struggle. Through taking the correct actions, the kite now flies effortlessly, and he enjoys the splendor of its flight. This is self growth in action. It is not enough for you to take action. You need to be taking the right kind of actions.

Self Growth Allows You To Climb Any Mountain

Once upon a time there was a mountain climber that could only climb so high up a particular mountain. She wanted to conquer this mountain, but there was a point where she could not go higher. The angle was too challenging. The rocks where too intimidating. Did she blame the mountain? No. Did she quit? No, for she understood the power of self growth. She understood that she wasn’t strong enough. She needed to get physically stronger. She needed better equipment. So she committed to a weightlifting program for 3 months.
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She bought the best possible mountain climbing equipment. It was time to try again. Amazingly, she defeated Goliath, and she was able to conquer this mountain at last. What is the point? The point is that self growth can prepare you for any obstacle that comes your way. The secret of success is understanding that it’s not about the mountain of challenges you face in your life. It’s about becoming so strong that this mountain presents no challenge to you.

Final Thoughts

Allow these thoughts on success to empower you to take action to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. You are a being full of infinite potential. You were made in the image of the allmighty God, so there is really nothing you cannot accomplish. Never forget that the TRUE secret of success is SELF GROWTH. Never stop growing. Never stop learning. Above all, never stop taking action. Do this, and the secret of success will be yours at last.


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