Network Marketing Strategies-Your Superconscious Mind Can Set You Free

network marketing strategies

network marketing strategies

Network Marketing Strategies-You Are Not Your Thoughts

The network marketing strategies I will share with you in this powerful article can elevate you to a place you have not known before.  If you truly desire to change your destiny you will focus all of your attention on what I have to say. Nothing will be more beneficial to you in the long run and in the immediate future.  If you haven’t reached the success that you desire, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  You are simply a few tweaks away from transforming your reality forever. Follow these incredible network marketing strategies and you will live the life you were destined to live since the day you first stepped into this chaotic world.

Network Marketing Strategies-The Uselessness Of Thinking

The first of the network marketing strategies is to make you realize just how pointless thinking really is.  You are not your thoughts. You are something much higher.  Thoughts are weak, and although this seems like a ridiculous statement, I will show you why this is an absolute fact.  If you are suffering from constant headaches you might reach the conclusion, based on your thought process, that you have some serious disease.  You proceed to worry for days, wondering what terrible condition you might have.  I want you to realize that you are totally tormenting yourself with your thoughts.  Finally, you have had enough, and you decide to go to the doctor to see what’s wrong. After extensive tests, the doctor determines that there is nothing wrong with you and determines that perhaps it is stress that is causing the pounding headaches.  Since you are now “aware” that there is nothing wrong with you, it is pointless to think, because awareness is superior to thinking.  My point is that you have to stop useless, negative thinking, and utilize the amazing power of awareness. When you are an aware being, the need for thinking stops. Try to see this and you will be free of worry.

Network Marketing Strategies-The Two Mystic Circles

The next of the network marketing strategies is a concept I learned from Stephen Covey, and I believe you will truly benefit if I share it with you.  In your life there are two circles; one is an enormous circle, and the other is a small circle which resides inside of the bigger circle.  The big circle is the circle of concern.  The small circle is the circle of influence.  Within the circle of concern are all of the events which are out of your control.  For example, you cannot control the world economy or the weather, or how the people around you act on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, most of the world wastes their time focusing on this circle, and they remain trapped in a vicious cycle of worry and stress. You have to stop living in this outer circle and move over to the inner circle, or the circle of influence.  In the circle of influence resides everything that is within your control. For example, if you lost your job, you can control applying for work.  Your task is to only focus on what you are able to control.  As you persistently concentrate on this inner circle, it keeps growing and growing, and your level of influence rises in a meteoric way.  Do this and you will take complete control of your future.

Network Marketing Strategies-The Eternal Now

The final of the network marketing strategies is to always live your life in the eternal now.  I want you to see that this moment is all that exists.  Therefore, only in this moment can you take action, and only in this moment can you be happy.  The past is gone forever, and the future is an illusion.  People suffer because they are subconsciously chained to their troublesome past.  You have to destroy the chain of memory and snap yourself back to the present.  You are living in a dream, and you must wake up NOW.  Always live in the eternal now and you will be at peace, regardless of your circumstances.

Network Marketing Strategies-The Nightmare Is Over

These amazing network marketing strategies can set you free if you take action, applying them with incredible zeal. You are the master of your destiny, and as soon as you realize this you will live the life of your dreams.  The moment of truth is here, and you have an important decision to make.  Will you take action?  I hope the answer is yes, for if you follow these powerful network marketing strategies you will be happy and prosperous until the last moment you live upon this Earth.

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